Do Local Small Businesses Need Both Off Page SEO and On Page Seo Services

Local SEO

If you want your website to rank on the first page of Google, than you need services from a
seo company for local small businesses. Do you need both off page and on page seo services done for this to work well? You absolutely do, because these services work hand in hand. Doing off page seo without first making sure you’re on page seo is done is like building a house without first laying down the foundation. You can do it, but you won’t get the best results. If your seo firm tells you that it’s a good idea to start building links without touching your onpage, you need to tell them that in your mind, that’s incomplete service and you need them to hop on your onpage work.

Why Is On Page SEO Important?

Your website is the foundation of your entire seo campaign. All the backlinks that are created go back to your website. Some will be pointed at your homepage, while others will be pointed at blog posts and subpages. You want the links to connect to pages that are seo optimized already. You simply can’t leave it in the dust. Not only does it need to speak to your potential customers, you need to make sure it’s set up for the search engines as well. That’s where proper on page optimization comes in. Your seo firm will go over page of your site and ensure that all the particulars are done. In specific, each page should be keyword optimized and those keywords should be formatted to the latest seo industry standards. You can bet your online competition has it done, so you should aw well. Trust us when we say that when you have both your on page and off page seo done, everything falls into place the right way.

But Wait, Don’t Overoptimize

Take a look at your website after the onpage optimization is done on it. Look at each page and make sure the keywords you want to rank for are on the page. Click on the photos and see what titles come up. Is it your keyword? Is the keyword in your headline and the title of the page? The main thing you want to check for is the amount of times your keyword is in the page. Just make sure it’s not overdone. If your page is only 500 words and your keyword shows up 100 times, then your site is in danger of being over optimized. This is no good, because a page that is keyword stuffed can be penalized by Google and brought down in search rankings. Remember, you can always add optimization to your site, but if you overdo it in the beginning, it’s hard to go back from there. If you’re still not sure if everything is done right, ask your seo firm to sit down with you and go over the optimization with you.