How to remove Apple ID password (Find My iPhone) and activate iPhone with iOS 7

Checking thoroughly the great problem generated with activation of iDevices , either you bought it second hand and the owner forgot you remove security ” Find My iPhone” , or if you lose your iPhone and you trusted the iOS security was impeccable and seven teams could not use it again if you are not the owner, it will show you what I found a bit these days working with the security of iOS 7. Click here for more information about Techwitty Ventures.

First of all , you should know that I will present here the method in ” only compatible with iPhone 4? and only for this model and is 100% effective , they are at higher tell you later.If we have an iPhone 4 which is second hand and coincidences of life to restore is lock requesting the ID of the owner ( above) , this method will help you so you can remove that security can enable your team to subsequently configure your Apple ID and you will never happen again but to restore your iPhone to crash.First Steps:First of all , we have our iPhone 4 connected with its own USB cable to our computer , (ideal with Windows) , then we have these three programs :


It is very important that your computer have JAVA installed , because without this you can not run the ” ssh_rd_rev04b ” file. Download Java here.

Step 2:
Once we have the necessary, proceed to execute the file ssh_rd_rev04b we have our iPhone 4 connected , then turn our iPhone 4 and then put it into DFU mode.Once you are in DFU ssh_rd_rev04b ‘ll start the upload, this is achieved by the iPhone 4 has expl0it level hardware and not software , this means you will always have Jailbreak and modifications of such a result .

Step 3:Once you finish working without closing the file ssh_rd_rev04b , run WinSCP , and add this connection as “localhost ” port ” 2022 ” , “root” and password ” alpine” (no eye place quotation marks ) , once we have our connection list with our iPhone 4 WinSPC must go and open a terminal to mount the unit , this is done by writing and see that the terminal will give you longer mount 1 and mount 2 .

Step 4:With this done we close the terminal and go to access mount1 WinSPC and then ” Applications” and look inside this folder called ” ” and WE REMOVE , this folder contains all the settings that asks us to top when we restore our iDevice , once that is removed you can close WinSCP and must restart to brute force our iPhone 4 ( this is achieved by pressing both buttons , “Power and Home” at a time) , this will cause the iPhone launch but appears logo that we must connect it to iTunes ( DFU ) .Finally , we will open Tinyumbrella , we run this program and on the left side will show a connected device , it appears with a question mark “?” select it and proceed to the button “exit recovery” and voila, our iPhone 4 start normally and not ask any Apple ID and password .Additional Information :It is very important to know that if you have an iPhone 4 with iOS 7 and trust your safety you see this method explained to understand that in this device that security is NOT 100 %.How to skip the iPhone 4s lock up ?For other devices that support iOS 7 this method DOES NOT WORK , but from 7 to iOS 7.0.3 there is a method of jumping somehow blocking Apple ID , this is accomplished in the same device.Once you’re in the activation steps where you select language and country appears , press “Home ” button , we ‘ll tell you to start over and called SOS , select and mark call 112. After pressing the green call button should press the “Power ” button , it causes the screen and turn off once the call is finished. Then you must press the Home button and see that “Hello” tells us how in the welcome screen , but when swiping see that now you are in the App Phone , that is, ready to make a call , with the option to see the recorded calls , contacts, bookmarks .Once there we go outbound call the 112 , we give in to add contact, even here we can take the iPhone’s camera to take a picture and assign to contact. We know that the keyboard does not work so you do not assign name, you delete the number 112 and then give to save this once ready , proceed to enter Contacts see the attached contact says “Unnamed ” walked to it and proceed to the end of contact , here we must press the Home button 3 times with this activate the Voice Over.Once activated this we must click on contact block , as are activated with Voice Over should play once the ” block ” link must press 3 times or more this option and this will cause the App crasheo and cause it to close , leaving Springboard in our device , not everything works here , but it is a major security hole.

In iOS 7.0.4
In iOS 7.0.4 Springboard reach is not possible because when you try to activate Voice Over is not activated and returns us to the SOS call screen , but also let us take the camera and add contacts or modify these , which should not be since it is assumed that the device should not be able to deal if not for the owner.We hope this contribution will help and we want to see that Apple still needs to create and improve security on their devices , as nobody wants to lose their iPhone and easily occupy someone else .

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